Buma Music in Media Awards 2022

The Buma Music in Media Awards were announced today, which is an important award you can win in the Netherlands. Below you can find the nominees of the most important categories, with the winner in bold.

Buma Award Best Original Composition in Film

  • Alexander Reumers – Captain Nova
  • Gino Taihuttu – De Oost
  • Juho Nurmela, Ella van der Woude – Do Not Hesitate

Buma Award Best Original Composition in Short Film

  • Giuseppe Doronzo – GOYA
  • Daan Hofman – Little Amsterdam
  • Roy Bemelmans – Wall #4

Buma Award Best Original Composition in Documentary

  • Vincent van Warmerdam – Het leven gaat niet altijd over tulpen
  • Rui Reis Maia – Shadow Game
  • Merlijn Snitker – To Unveil a Star

Buma Award Original Composition in Television

  • Boelie Vis – KABAM!
  • Stavros Markonis – Swanenburg
  • Arno Krabman – The Spectacular

These were not all the award winners. On the BUMA Music in Media Awards website, you can find even more nominees and winners. Winners: congratulations on your awards!


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