About us

Soundtrack World is, as the name suggests, all about music for film, television, animation and computer games. Launched in January 2017, we focus on reviews on albums with music associated with these media. Furthermore, we have conducted wonderful interviews with composers and other people in the soundtrack industry, and you can also find reports on concerts and festivals organized around the world, which we have attended. To be kept informed, the best thing you could do is following us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.


All content on Soundtrack World is written in English, but it also has a Dutch brother:  Soundtrackwereld. Most content is posted in both languages at their respective sites.

Editor in Chief

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The editor-in-chief and founder of Soundtrack World is Anton Smit. Anton was a staff member at Streaming Soundtracks for 15 years, a web radio station founded in 2001. Because he worked for Streaming Soundtracks, he started visiting film music concerts in Europe. During those concerts, he came in contact with the people from the film music industry. Anton has written for Score magazine as well. After all these years it was time for Anton to start a project on his own. That is why he founded Soundtrack World. Next to working on this website as a hobby Anton has a full-time job in IT and plays the tuba in a local orchestra.

Anton Smit is a member of the International Film Music Critics Association.

Helping out

If you are interested in writing about music in films and other media, you can do so! The idea is that the more people write informative pieces about this sort of music, the more it will bring attention to the general public. We would like it very much if you would like to help us. If interested, please contact us via our contact form.