Below is an overview of concerts we most likely will attend.

The World of Hans Zimmer

April – November 2018 — Germany
Hans Zimmer is not touring himself, but he has announced a new concert series which is more focused on a full orchestra. Most of the concerts are in Germany, and Soundtrack World is present at the concert of 27 April in Hamburg.

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Game of Thrones Live Concert Experience

May – October 2018 — Europe and the USA
We had a great time at the Game of Thrones Live Experience in New York in 2017. Because of its success, it is returning for new shows in Europe and USA. Soundtrack World will be present at the show in Amsterdam on May 21st.

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Krakow Film Music Festival 2018

May 29 – June 5, 2018 — Krakow, Poland
Not much is known about the 11th edition of this festival, except for the dates and Michael Myman as the guest of honor. We had a great time at their last edition, as can be read in our Krakow FMF reports.

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John Powell – Ice Age and beyond | Hollywood in Hamburg

June 24, 2018 — Hamburg, Germany
John Powell is coming to Europe again for his own concert in Hamburg. It is still in the far future but both concerts are already sold out. Soundtrack World will be present at the concert in the evening.

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July 3-7, 2018 — Malaga, Spain
Every year there is a film music festival in Malaga, Spain. This edition has a great line-up of composers, they are Marco Frisina, Taro Iwashiro, John Powell, Christophe Beck, Jeff Beal and Jeff Russo. Soundtrack World will attend this festival for the first.

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September 21-29, 2018 — Santa Cruz, Spain
There is a magnificent film music festival on the Spanish island of Tenerife each year. All kinds of concerts can be attended, with two big ones in the last weekend of the festival. One concert is about music from movies involving extraterrestrial life, and the second one is the movie Close Encounters of the Third Kind with live orchestra. Soundtrack World will probably be present at those two concerts.

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Brian Tyler Returns: Live in Concert

October 25, 2018 — London, England
After a successful concert will Brian Tyler return for another concert. Soundtrack World will be present.

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An Evening with John Williams in Concert

October 26, 2018 — London, England
Miracles do happen apparently: John Williams is coming to Europe for one concert at the Royal Albert Hall in London. When the tickets went on sale, the concert was sold out immediately. Soundtrack Wereld has managed to get tickets for this concert!

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Joe Hisaishi

February 9-10, 2019 – Paris, France
Joe Hisaishi is returning to Paris for a concert. He will be playing music from Hayao Miyazaki films, but also other orchestral pieces. Both concerts are sold out. However, Soundtrack World will be attending the Saturday concert.

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If you are looking for a concert which is not listed above, you can always visit the website Movies In Concert. On this website, you will most likely find a nice concert, meeting your taste.