In addition to regular and leit reviews, another type of review can be found on Soundtrack World. In recent years, more and more soundtracks for movies, TV shows, and games are being published and they are reaching an ever broader audience. Especially with streaming platforms, their number and availability has increased, as hundreds of new scores are released yearly. Since it would be impossible to give each of them a proper review, we have introduced Spotlight articles. These contain a small batch of very compact reviews of the most interesting soundtrack albums.

Spotlight articles will likely appear at the beginning of a new year as a summary of the exciting scores we missed during the previous year. However, these articles may also pop up at other times in the year when a backlog of review candidates has built up. Spotlights are, of course, less detailed than a proper review, but at least it allows us to give some of them the attention they deserve instead of ignoring them completely. We hope you will appreciate the Spotlight articles as much as the other types of reviews we provide.