Fimucité announced concerts 13th edition

The film music festival Fimucité, on the Canarian Island Tenerife, have announced their concerts! The festival will be held from September 20 to 29, 2019. It is a festival we have attended many times in the past.

The concerts are:

  • Friday, September 20: “Cinema Morricone” performed by pianist Simone Pedroni and flute soloist Sara Andon
  • Saturday, September 21: “Let’s Dance” – a concert with music of Vince DiCola performed by the composer and the Pop Culture Band.
  • Saturday, September 21: “Cinema Morricone” on Gran Canaria
  • Thursday, September 26: “Randy Edelman: A close relationship” – a recital with Randy Edelman on the piano together with a string ensemble.
  • Friday, September 27: “My Favorite Terrors” – a concert with the focus on horror movies like Friday the 13th and Hellraiser. Composers Harry Manfredini and Christopher Young are present as guests.
  • Saturday, September 28: Like at the FMF, a screening of Bram Stoker’s Dracula with the orchestra playing the music.
  • Sunday, September 29: “Champions of the Big Screen” is a concert by the youth orchestra with music from sports movies like Chariots of Fire and Rudy.

Thanks to SoundtrackFest for providing the initial information in English.

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