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One of the latest hits on Netflix is the historical drama Bridgerton, a television show about a large rich family from around 1800. Millions of people have binged the show, but sadly I will not be one of them, because I am unable to watch a drama like that for more than ten seconds. On the one hand, I am content with the extra time I can therefore spend on other things, but on the other, I am a little sad about the missed opportunity to experience how Kris Bowers’s music has been implemented in the show. I have heard his name mentioned before in the last couple of years, and I was introduced to his music for the first time when I watched Green Book in the theater. After listening to the score of Bridgerton I decided that the music he has written for it deserved some attention, resulting in this leit review.

The orchestral music Bowers has come up with is quite fitting for a series that takes place two centuries ago. Most of the tracks consist of wonderful melodies, mostly performed by the string section of the orchestra, with occasional support from the woodwinds and the piano. What really stood out to me though is the fact that all tracks are played exclusively by the orchestra and that Bowers even went the extra mile by composing some of the music in the classical style – like it was written during the time period of Bridgerton.

One of my little secrets is the fact that even though I love many orchestral scores, I am not fond of classical music. I have attended a few classical concerts, but it is not really my kind of music. Yet,for some weird and wonderful reason, I kind of like what Bowers has written for this show. Unfortunately, I will probably still not be able to handle watching the show, which is a shame, because it is supposed to be quite good. At least I know that the music is impressive.

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The highlights are in bold.

  1. Flawless My Dear (1:43)
  2. The Latest Whistledown (1:34)
  3. We Could Form an Attachment (3:07)
  4. Shock and Delight (4:02)
  5. Simon and Lady Danbury (4:42)
  6. What Women Do Best (2:47)
  7. Call Me Simon (0:58)
  8. Sommerset House (1:05)
  9. When You Are Alone (2:46)
  10. Feeling Exceptional (3:10)
  11. What You Saw Was a Lie (5:15)
  12. The Duel (7:13)
  13. A Love Based on Friendship (4:19)
  14. All is Fair in Love and War (2:20)
  15. Miserable Together, Happy Apart (3:34)
  16. Come With Me (2:27)
  17. One Last Dance (2:44)
  18. Love is a Choice (2:20)
  19. A Grand Finish (3:33)

Total length: 59 minutes
Lakeshore Records (2020)

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