Film music festival in Krakow announced its program

fmf coverThe Polish city Krakow hosts a film music festival (FMF) each year in May. Visitors can enjoy concerts, meetings with composers and workshops about film music over a period of 7 days. I have written reports for this festival over at The report is fragmented on their forums. A full version can be read on my personal blog.

The FMF organization just announced its guest and program for 2017. The announced guests are Abel KorzeniowskiJan A.P. Kaczmarek, Giorgio Moroder, Howard Shore, Klaus Doldinger, Jean Michel-Bernard, and Diego Navarro.

Here is an overview of the concerts:

  • Wednesday, May 17: The Music of Abel Korzeniowski. Abel will conduct the orchestra.
  • Thursday, May 18: The movie The Neverending Story with live music
  • Friday, May 19: Cinematic piano– Music inspired by film music, done by Jean-Michel Bernard. And in the evening a dance party with Giorgio Moroder.
  • Saturday, May 20:  FMF 10th  Anniversary Gala
  • Sunday, May 21: In the afternoon the FMF youth orchestra plays Star Wars. In the evening the movie Titanic is shown with live music.
  • Monday, May 22: an outdoor cinema screening.
  • Tuesday, May 23: FMF youth orchestra plays Star Wars again.

It looks like an awesome program! We are looking forward to it and we will be present. Are you interested in visiting this festival and have no clue how it works? You can always contact us and we help you on your way.

Enjoy Game of Thrones as performed on the FMF of 2015:

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