Concerts Krakow Film Music Festival 2020 announced

The Polish city of Krakow hosts a film music festival (FMF) each year in May. Visitors can enjoy concerts, meetings with composers and workshops about film music over a period of 7 days. We have been attending this festival for quite some time, even before the launch of this site. If you are curious about previous editions, you can find more information about them in our Krakow FMF reports.

The festival will be held from May 26 to June 1, 2020, and will consist of the following concerts.

May 26 – Cinema Chorale

It is the second time the festival produces a concert with a strong focus on a choir. This time they also added a piano to the mix. 

See for more information FMF2020 – Cinema Chorale. If you are curious about the first Cinema Chorale, click the image.

FMF 2019 © Edyta Dufaj

May 27 – Scoring4Polish Directors

This is one of the regular concerts at this festival. It is a concert with music from movies and television from Polish directors, and this time the director is Jerzy Hoffman. Other guests for this concert are composers Krzesimir Dębski, Piotr Marczewski, Łukasz Targosz, Leszek Możdżer and  Maciej Zieliński.

See for more information FMF2020 – Scoring4PolishDirectors. If you are curious about the previous Scoring4Polish Directors concerts, click the images below.

Scoring4Polish Directors 1
FMF 2018 © Wojciech Wandzel
FMF 2019

May 28 – Cinematic Piano: Daniel Bloom

Officially this returning concert has a strong focus on the piano to create atmosphere, but for this one, the main instrument is the synthesizer played by composer Daniel Bloom. Director Jacek Borcuch will be present as well.

See for more information FMF2020 – Cinematic Piano. If you are curious about the previous Cinematic Piano concerts, click the images below.

Jean Michel Bernard with Kimiko Ono and Jan Stokłosa during cinematic piano
FMF 2017
FMF 2018
FMF 2019

May 28 – Stranger Things

There will be a second concert that day with music from the hit show Stranger Things. Composers Kyle Dixon and Michael Stein will be performing the music themselves.

See for more information FMF2020 – Stranger Things. We have attended a Stranger Things concert in Prague last year. Click the image to read our report about it.

Stranger Things in Prague

May 29 – Dance2Cinema: Scorsese

At this concert, you can dance the night away to songs from Martin Scorsese movies.

See for more information FMF2020 – Dance2Cinema. For the previous Dance2Cinema concerts, click the images below.

FMF 2018
FMF 2019 © Black Shadow Studio

May 30 – TV Series Gala

This is the second time the festival organizes a big concert with music from television, including the return of music from Vikings by Trevor Morris, who will be a guest at the festival again together with Mac Quayle, Martin Phipps, Hauschka, Bartosz Chajdecki and  Łukasz Targosz

See for more information FMF2020 – TV Gala. If you are interested in the first TV Gala, see this amazing video.

May 31 – The Music of John Powell

Composer John Powell will host a concert with his own music. Since Gavin Greenaway is conducting, it will probably like the concert they both have done in Hamburg in 2018. Some guests for this concert are still unannounced, but at least ASCAP president and songwriter Paul Williams will be present.

See for more information FMF2020 – John Powell. We have attended John Powell concerts in the past, including the one in Hamburg. If you are curious, click the images below.

John Powell in Hamburg
John Powell in Malaga
John Powell concert in Prague

June 1 – Unannounced Screening

This is the only event, which is still unannounced but is probably not a concert. Otherwise, we will update this accordingly.


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